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  • 01Children are admitted to class Nur, L.K.G., I, VI, IX, and XI in the month of April and in special case in the month of July.
  • 02Session starts from April.
  • 03Admission is based on test and parents interviews.
  • 04Admission to other classes shall be subject to availability of seats.
  • 05The principal reserves the right to grant admission to a student without having to assign reasons for her action.
  • 06No donation is accepted for securing admission in this institution.
  • 07Fee once charged shall not be returned.
  • 08Countersigned original transfer certificate.
  • 09Passport size photo.
  • 10Copy of birth certificate.
  • 11Mark sheet of the last annual examination attended
  • 12The final assessment of a student for promotion will be decided on the whole year record of the student.
  • 13Student, who fails twice in a class will have to discontinue his/ her studies in this school
  • 14Promotion is decided by examination result only.


  • 01All 30 days advance notice should be given to the school office by parents / guardian.
  • 02Students who remain absent from school for more than 15 days without any application for leave duty signed by their parents / guardians, his / her name will be struck off from the school register.
  • 03The leave application must be submitted to the principal a day before proceeding on leave or incase of illness preferably on the day itself.
  • 04Leave will be granted only in case of illness and in exceptional cases. In case of leaving the school- premises during school hours permission must be obtained from the Principal/ Vise Principal.
  • 05Absolute honesty is essential. Irregular attendance, disobedience conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, cheating in the examinations are sufficient of reasons to expel a student from the school.
  • 06Attendance must be 75% otherwise he/she will not be eligible for the examination.